Training And Communication

MSG maintains strict compliance with all federal, state and local laws governing debt collection practices. MSG provides a mandatory 80 hour course for all new collectors focusing on the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, all other applicable laws and instruction in the MSG collection philosophy. All of our new medical collectors go through a HIPAA training course in addition to the FDCPA. All of new and existing collectors are required to attend FDCPA and HIPAA refresher courses twice quarterly. MSG remains current with applicable laws via active association with the following organizations:

  • American Collectors Association
  • Illinois Collectors Association
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Illinois Government Finance Officers Association

Collection Letters

All MSG collection letters have been reviewed and approved by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. MSG can custom design collection letters to provide language that is harmonious with Our Client’s policies and philosophies. We also generate letters in Spanish.

Ethnic Communications

Collection without communication is impossible. MSG provides bi-lingual letters and correspondence, and is staffed by bi-lingual speaking collectors on both the full-time day and evening shifts. Some of the languages spoken by our staff are Spanish, Polish and Arabic.

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.