Over 55 years ago, Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc. (MSG) has developed successful financial recovery programs for a wide variety of businesses. We have the experience and the resources to create solutions for tough recovery problems.

We work with our clients to understand their financial problems, to propose realistic solutions and to help them achieve their expectations and goals. It is this level of involvement and understanding that makes MSG the best choice for any financial recovery issue.

You recognize your objective to resolve unpaid accounts, but you are also concerned with customer relations and do not want to jeopardize your business.

The cornerstone of our success as a company has been our policy to treat your customers with professional dignity and care so they will return to you once the account has been resolved. Our goal is to serve the best interests of our client while meeting the needs of the customer.

Our collection staff is thoroughly trained and monitored in the MSG Collection Philosophy. The root of this philosophy lies in the adage “Seek first to understand, before you try to be understood”. We let your customer know that they are being heard while fully explaining the charges, offering solutions and acting on our client’s behalf to resolve the account.

“Our mission, simply stated, is to become the center support in the bridge between our client and their customer”.

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.