Over 55 years ago, Gerald Stein founded Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc. with a unique and exciting vision of the collection business. Coupling a philosophy of service to both client and debtor with the concept of providing a full range of services, he pioneered “Financial Recovery Services”. The result is a full-service partnership, offering our clients assistance in collections, management, training, staffing and public image development.

The commitment to this partnership is mirrored in our almost 50 years of service to the retail, business, municipal and healthcare communities. Our company strives in meeting the challenges of new technology, improving methods of collection and meeting the needs of our continually growing client base.

In order to maintain the journey towards bringing a vision to reality, goals need to be set that surpass technology and performance. A primary focus at MSG is to take our knowledge and experience and share that with our clients. By providing management consulting, strategy planning and in-depth training, we move ever closer towards our first goal to “reduce the exposure to the expense of the collection process for our client”.

Our second goal is targeted towards communication. The MSG philosophy is to “serve the best interests of our client while meeting the needs of the customer”. In order to realize this commitment, clear communication between client and agency, debtor and agency needs to be orchestrated.

The vision, the goals and the commitment can only happen, and continue to happen by being driven and propelled by an affirmation of intent.

“Our mission, simply stated, is to become the center support in the bridge between the client and the customer”.

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.